Kindle Fire review roundup: Will It Deliver?

On Tuesday those who preordered their Kindle Fire’s should be receiving them in the mail, for now we’ll have to go on the word of the tech bloggers. Overall, the response seems to be tired. People are stoked that it’s a step in the right direction, but at $200 Amazon just wasn’t able to create a device that has the hardware response or the software interface that the Ipad and IOS has to offer. These are the my takeaways.

Most problematic, though, the Fire does not have anything like the polish or speed of an iPad. You feel that $200 price tag with every swipe of your finger. Animations are sluggish and jerky — even the page turns that you’d think would be the pride of the Kindle team
David Pogue @ The New York Times

Small screen size and insufficient processing power. Crap browser performance. Near useless as a magazine reader, and roundly trumped by superb e-ink Kindles as a book reader.
Jon Phillips @ Wired

Want a tablet that does everything, and which does books exceptionally well? Buy an iPad. Want something more compact, and you’re not terribly interested in much more than content consumption? The Fire is aces.
Andy Ihnatko @ The Chicago Sun Time

Kindle Fire review roundup: Great for enjoying Amazon’s content | TechBlog | a blog.

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