Silk-Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

I found this awesome DIY Easter egg dying instructions that creates phenomenal results. I had to try it, and it worked really well. Next year I’m going to make them with hollowed out eggs so that I can save them!

It was super easy to make, and not very messy at all. My wife went to Goodwill and bought a few ties. The softer silk seemed to work better than rough silk. Additionally, I used waxed dental floss which seemed easier to manage than the thread I used when I ran out of dental floss.

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs Tutorial

  1. Cut silk into a piece large enough to wrap around a raw egg.
  2. Wet silk and wrap around the egg and twist the extra silk at the top and bottom of the egg like a tootsie roll. The tighter the silk is wrapped around the egg will result in the best overall pattern, for a tie dyed look, crumple silk around egg….
  3. Place the silk-wrapped egg in a piece of wet white sheet, pillowcase, or old tablecloth and secure tightly with a string.
  4. Place the egg(s) in an enamel or glass pot. Fill pot with water to cover eggs completely. Then, add half a cup of white vinegar.
  5. Bring water to a boil, turn heat down, and simmer for 20 minutes.
  6. Remove eggs from water and let cool.
  7. Remove silk from cooled egg.
  8. To shine the eggs, wipe with vegetable oil.

These are so fun to do. I like seeing the result when the fabric is pulled away from the egg. Sometimes the dyes transfer in unexpected colors.

Link: Mommy Knows | Via: TYWKIWDBI

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  1. irene troy

    Beet juice dyed eggs are very pretty, also yellow onion skins makes a nice eggs too! Some egg kits come with plastic wraps too. The silk ties looks very pretty.

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