Photo of Mel Brooks and the Cast of Young Frankenstein – 1974

The Cast of Young Frankenstein at The Daisy on Rodeo Drive 1974

In true Mel Brook style, this photo is a parody of a movie that is a parody on another movie that is a parody on life. The only way this could be better would be if they made a parody about the making of this photo and created a for broadway parody of that parody.

Young Frankenstein is not a parody of the Frankenstein story, but a comedic homage in the style of the Theatre of the Absurd. Every scene from the original 1930’s picture is represented in the true spirit of the film, but it is crafted for satire and humor while still staying absolutely honest to the love story at the root of the tale. It’s not about playing God by creating life but by loving the life you create. While most of Mel Brooks’ later movies would devolve into multiple gimmick parodies, Young Frankenstein remains unique in that it focuses only on one specific story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster.Pajiba

Photo Credit: Unknown
Commentary: Pajiba

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  1. Jerry

    Frankenstein a love story? Interesting and I only thought the movie was about the science and Mob violence.

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